How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV)

How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV)

Pasang CCTV Jakarta (video surveillance system for a guarded object) is a set of equipment that allows using security cameras to collect video information about an object, images from which are displayed on one common surveillance system. Cameras and integrated video surveillance solutions are now becoming more and more popular due to lower prices and thereby becoming more affordable. They help homeowners feel more comfortable knowing they can protect real estate, home or small businesses, and other private property. This article will help you learn more about them and make an informed purchase.
Define the tasks for your surveillance system

Do you need to keep an eye on who comes and goes? Do you want to observe the object at any time of the day? Do you need remote access to video information? Need a video archive? Do you want to see faces, products, the big picture? Do you need a wired or wireless CCTV system? Are you going to install cameras indoors or outdoors? Do you need a system for how many cameras? What's your budget?
Select camera type

Depending on your needs and the environment where the camera will be installed, you should choose the camera that suits best. The first and main criterion is wired or wireless. Advantages of wireless cameras: easy installation of a wireless device, no need to lay a signal cable, wireless cameras are distinguished by their mobility, so you can move them around the room. Disadvantages of wireless video cameras: wireless video cameras operate on radio waves, so radio interference can degrade the quality of the transmitted signal or cause interruptions in its transmission. If your wireless camera is powered by a battery instead of a mains supply, it is important to keep an eye on the charge levels so that they always work. For example IP-Camera D-Link DCS-2230 FullHD Cube, WiFi 802.11n.

How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV)

Connected to the security system with wires. Now the most popular type of wired cameras are IP cameras. To connect them to the surveillance system, ordinary twisted pair is used, and thanks to POE technology, the camera is also powered via twisted pair. This allows the cameras to be connected to an existing home or corporate network, as well as to access them over the Internet. To install wired CCTV cameras, it is better to turn to professionals for help, since it is difficult to do it competently and thoughtfully without experience. IP Camera Panasonic Dome 1280x720 60fsp SD IR LED PoE. IP Camera Panasonic HD Fixed Dome network Wide coverage Horizontal camera 1280x960 PoE. IP-camera Panasonic HD Pan-tilting Network Camera 1280х720.

How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV) How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV) How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV)

The advantages of wired video surveillance cameras are that they do not need constant maintenance. Can be installed in hard-to-reach indoor and outdoor locations. Wired cameras are less prone to interference and external influences. The disadvantages of wired video cameras are that if the cameras are not installed according to the requirements, they may work intermittently or the picture quality will be unsatisfactory. Wired cameras cannot be moved. If you have chosen a place for installing a video camera, then it will be very problematic to change something at the last moment.

You can evaluate the pros and cons of each type of CCTV camera to determine which option is best for your home. You can also always use a combination of wired and wireless camcorders throughout your home.

How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV) How to choose a video surveillance system (CCTV)

In the camera, the matrix is ​​responsible for forming the image. They come in two types: CMOS (CMOS) or CCD (CCD). Cheap CCTV cameras generally use CMOS technology, which results in poor quality images with poor light sensitivity. For a good picture, it is recommended to choose cameras with CCD technology. For example Sizes of a CCD matrix - 1/4 ", 1/3" or 1/2 ". The larger the size - the better the quality and, accordingly, the more expensive the camera. Modern CCDs 1/4" and 1/3 "are of high quality image, the quality of which is quite sufficient for solving most of the tasks when building a frequency video surveillance system.
What is ONVIF?

If you do not want to understand the technical features and characteristics, as well as the supported protocols, and equipment compatibility, pay attention to the presence of the ONVIF logo. This is a unified communication protocol adopted by most manufacturers of IP video surveillance systems. IP equipment manufactured by Panasonic fully complies with this standard.
Camera internal memory or SD card slot?

The need for this option
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