What's interesting to see: which random movie to choose

What's interesting to see: which random movie to choose

Registration is not required, come in and search. Cinema Random is your guide and assistant, which will easily give a head start in knowledge of cinema LK21 to any film fan. You can read indefinitely the collections "Top 10 funniest comedies", "Hundred most furious action films", "A thousand most tearful dramas". It is better to bookmark our site once, so as not to waste precious time looking for the answer, which movie to watch.

Use the service to choose a movie to watch in any situation:

-When time is short, but you want to see something interesting right now.
-They invited friends, but everyone has their own opinion, trust the occasion so that no one is offended.
-Romantic gatherings are planned, and the fantasy is over.
-I would like to be surprised by discovering new genres for myself.
-A large list in thematic lists is crazy, it is difficult to decide.
-We need a quality option for an evening of a strong and independent woman.
-You know the genre for sure, and then there is emptiness.
-I just wondered what you missed.

The database is constantly updated, so the list is as complete as possible and contains both classics and new items.

Movie generator
How to choose a movie with a random movie generator

More than 10,000 art pictures, TV series, cartoons are produced annually. Dozens are advertised. The average viewer, and not some critic or film fan, will never know about most of the works. Among the rubbish, there are gems that are easy to find if you download a random movie generator.

Here's an easy way to find a good movie: assign a task to a service. Set options like genre, release year, adult or family. A moment - and you will receive a card with a description of a suitable movie. You won't have to think for a long time, the dossier is short, but it will be enough to solve.

Have you checked several genres at once? The service will show you which movie to watch, which will combine them all. That is why it will not be easy to find a melodramatic comedy, action movie and western in the same format.
A special movie search tool

The rating is pulled from the international portal TMDB. This non-profit community is visited daily by users from 180 countries. According to the site's statistics, it processes millions of requests every day. Therefore, you can decide what to watch from the movies, trusting the opinion of thousands of people who voted.

Visit more often: the program searches quickly, without requiring anything in return. Of course, a situation may occur when the first movie that comes across does not make you want to watch it. Let's give a little advice: promise yourself to make 5-7 attempts. The restriction will help you decide, otherwise you risk spending the evening in our huge database. Good luck!
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